Our Objectives

The soul of a nation does not dwell in sky- scrappers,nor in mind-boggling feats of engineering. It lives in its architects of social destiny, its teachers and students who keep up the relay of passing on the torch of truth and the kindling of passion for soual re-generation. It has been truly said that the destiny of a nation is decided in its class- rooms. To stand for industry and perseverance, to push knowledge to the farthest bounds, to encourage the creative rather than the quotational aspect of the mind, and to promote research that is an evolutionary contribution and not a pasted duplication – such has been, still is, and always will be the goal of our college. Situated in Moradabad, a city in western Uttar Pradesh known for its world– famous brass industry, Gokuldas Hindu Girls College is an oasis of learning rendering much needed social awareness and up liftment. It has, thus, truly lived up to its motto - Shraddha Gyan Karma.