Gokuldas Hindu Girls College

From The Controller’s Desk

Gokul Das Hindu Girls College, Moradabad is a reputed institution imparting quality education to girls for a number of decades. The college is undoubtedly one of the best in the region.The college is providing a conducive atmosphere to the students for learning and other creative activities and preparing young girls for a dignified life ahead. At the moment, the challenge before the teachers is to equip the students for requirements of contemporary life and help them keep pace with the new age of information and technology. They should recognize the enormous potential lying dormant in every student and provide opportunity for development of various facets of their personality-physical, intellectual, creative and artistic. The Principal,staff and students of the college are striving whole-heartedly to take the institution to new heights.

I wish them all success and assure my support in all their efforts.

- Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh (I.A.S.)