Women Development Cell


The Prime Role of Women Development Cell (WDC) of the College is to deal with cases of sexual harassment and moreover, implementation of the Women policy, in general to promote the well being of female student, teaching and non-teaching women staff of the college.

Aim of WHC


  • To prevent sexual harassment and to promote general well-being of female students, teaching and non teaching women staff of the college.
  • To create social awareness about the problems of women and in particular regarding gender discrimination.
  • To create legal awareness on specific issues concerning girl students and women. To provide career counseling.

Safety & Secutiry Mesaurement

Complaints and grievances lodged by the girl’s students regarding eve-teasing and harassment are handled in time by WHC. Counseling is done with the male student accomplice in teasing girl students. As the CCTV cameras are also installed at the entrance and at the other important points by the institution to make girl students and female employees feel secure. The check is kept on any mishap or entry of any unknown suspicious person in the campus through the system.